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Number: 25 years and 25 more

Hello readers! As you know our region is rich in talent, venues, and passion for visual art. Number:’s 25 year volunteer run publication history is a unique tribute to the amazing visual arts of our region. We recently extended our efforts for arts coverage by creating a website designed to make it easier for you to get involved in that coverage. Number: Inc wants your participation in our print and online efforts to cover visual art in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Since Number: Inc does not employ staff writers, we rely on submissions from our readers, artists, professionals, and others interested in being a part of our region’s arts conversation. We want to hear from you! Find out more about how you can write for Number: at Submissions are reviewed by our editor and editorial committee for consideration in the print and online publication. continue reading »

Happy Cannibals at Material Art Space

Melissa Farris - Sir Loin - 2012

Melissa Farris – Sir Loin – 2012, 6″x8″ gouache on paper

Broad Avenue’s one room art space Material showcased small works by Melissa Farris on Saturday, December 7. The “Bitesize Morsels” were delicate, yet vibrant, paintings of individual size. The colors mimicked Pepto-Bismol pink and an illustrative meaty red to form compositions reminiscent of classic cutesy animal cartoons and diagrams of meat pre-consumption. continue reading »

Student Artists Collaborate with Composer

The exhibition currently on view at the Germantown Performing Arts Center is a collaboration between composer/musician Anna Clyne and 26 Houston high school Advanced Placement and Art IV visual arts students. The works are based on Clyne’s written text, snippets of music from her website and the student /teacher discussions held in class and reference Clyne’s most recent composition entitled, Prince of Clouds. Clyne states on her website that while composing the piece she “was contemplating the presence of musical linage – a family-tree of sorts that passes from generation to generation.” continue reading »

Poetic Transformations

Poetic Transformations
UALR Gallery I
Little Rock, AR
August 15 – October 3, 2012

As you exit through the gallery’s glass doors
that antlered head reflected, is it yours?
For survival’s sake when leaving best beware
of baying bloodhounds in Trafalgar Square.

The above excerpt discloses the last four lines of Tony Harrison’s 2012 “Diana and Actaeon,” an eerily relevant poem rife with hypersensitive reader awareness and opportunity for introspection. continue reading »

Niki Johnson at Wrong Again Gallery

Behind Closed Doors: An Evening of Rockwellian Taboo
Wrong Again Gallery
Memphis, TN
October 13-25, 2012

Breaking the rules set at the Wrong Again gallery, Niki Johnson was present at her own opening. By design, Greely Myatt, owner and creator of the gallery space stipulates that the exhibiting artist uses Skype to attend the opening. This situation allows for out-of-region artists to easily be present without travel and gives a little interactivity to the gatherings. continue reading »