Who We Are



Number: Inc is a non-profit, Nashville-based visual arts organization that provides coverage of the arts in the Southern region. Number: Inc began in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987 with the mission to support creatives and foster dialogue about contemporary Southern cultural production. As the South’s longest-running visual arts publication, Number: Inc has expanded its mission to promote the work, voices, and interests of all artists and art professionals throughout the entire Southern region. We accept all forms of writing to publish on our website and to be considered for our annual retrospective print publication. We work to advance the accessibility of art writing and support critical dialogue about the region’s artists and art happenings.


Executive Director- Sai Clayton





Jennifer Gagliardi, Co-Editor



Jon Sewell, Co-Editor

Born in Nashville, Jon’s artistic practice includes performance art typically in the political realms as well as conventional acting for film and tv. As a union carpenter utilizing excess materials, he built The Packing Plant, an arts center housing galleries, offices, a radio station and a poetry library. 




Board Members:

Nuveen Barwari – Board Member/Contributor

Nuveen Barwari is a multidisciplinary artist. She completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art from Tennessee State University in 2019 and is a 2022 MFA candidate at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Barwari participates in a transcontinental, improvisational exchange of materials between Kurdistan and America. This exchange often extends beyond the studio, installations and manipulation of materials and into performances, co hosting the Newave Podcast, and through an online shop called Fufu Creations that supplies apparel and art internationally. Fufu Creations was a featured designer in Kurdistan’s first ever fashion week in 2018.





Joe Clemons – Board Member/Development

Joe Clemons is a classic “connector” and media strategist with roots in creative fields ranging from fine art galleries and rock & roll clubs to corporate advertising and guerrilla marketing. These days he’s building the pieces for the forthcoming socially minded agency, The New Athenian.  



Rachel Ebio – Board Member/Contributor

Rachel Ebio is an arts and culture writer based in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in BIPOC visual and performing arts. Intrigued by the questions no one thinks to ask, she searches for those answers through nonfiction, journalistic writing and poetry. She was a 2021-2022 Art Wire Fellow through The Porch and OZ Arts Nashville and completed Burnaway’s Art Writing Incubator program in summer of 2022. She’s contributed to publications including the Nashville Scene and the Nashvillian. 

Instagram: @rachelebio



Marlos E’van – Board Member/Social Media/Contributor

Nashville based artist, Marlos E’van received their BFA from Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film in 2016. From street art to canvases; from performance art to film-making, E’van interweaves different mediums such as painting, performance, and filmmaking to create worlds in which their art lives and has caught recognition from publications such as Hyperallergic, Burnaway, & Native Magazine to name a few. In addition to their work as an artist, E’van cofounded/co-designs M-SPAR, McGruder Social Practice Artist Residency out of the McGruder Center in North Nashville.





Michael Mitchell – Acting Board Chair – Young Art Writers Project

Mike Mitchell is an artist who educates at Father Ryan High School. He makes art under the moniker mikewindy (all lowercase and conjoined) as a love note to his beautiful bride of 21 years. Cowboy Concept Y’all is a figment of his imagination and a folk-art critic that creates music and has a youtube channel about artists in Nashville and beyond. Even though he is too old he still skateboards with his 10-year-old son.




Tori O’Campo – Board Member



Randy Purcell – Board Member

Randy L Purcell is a visual artist living and working in Middle TN. He tried many occupations before finding his love for the arts. At the age of 41, he received his Bachelor of Fine Art from Middle Tennessee State University. Since graduating he has worked in several media, but his primary focus has been on a process of transferring ink, from recycled magazines, onto a thin layer of beeswax. The result of this process helps convey his interest in memory and its connection to Art.



German Rojas – Board Member 

Germán Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City. He has earned degrees in Economics and Business from The University of the South. In addition to maintaining a studio practice, he has explored roles in technology strategy, marketing, and software development. Germán works primarily in oil, using classical painting techniques to project his creative visions.




Jay Sanchez – Board Member/Contributor

Jay Sanchez is an arts advocate, writer, and curator based in Middle Tennessee. A recipient of a bachelor in Liberal Studies from Middle Tennessee State University; he has also committed the last 17 years to public service. His collaborations with creatives are responsible for creating conversations of greater community for us all. Jay is also an active member of the Coop Gallery Curating Collective.