Slides and Relics

March 30, 2019 Number Inc. 0
By Kerr Houston     Let’s begin by imagining a scene. In a solemn, darkened chamber, an expectant crowd gazes upward. The general mood might […]


March 30, 2019 Number Inc. 0
By Adrienne Brown-David     My current work focuses on the fleeting nature of black girlhood as it compares to the fleeting nature of bird […]

What Can Never Be

February 8, 2019 Number Inc. 0
By Raph Cornford   You are not the institution you represent/attend/promote. You never will be. At best you have compromised with a failing system to […]

How to Make Bread

January 16, 2019 Number Inc. 0
By Rose Harding     Making bread is an homage to the infinite. It seems strange to give the humble loaf of bread such reverence, […]