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Nashville Nights

June 30, 2023 German Rojas 0
Nashville Nights A Conversation with artist Sarah Spillers Jay Sanchez June 20, 2023 Artist Sarah Spillers is an award-winning contemporary painter and educator born and […]

La Pintura Poderosa

March 10, 2023 German Rojas 0
Conversation with Nico Amortegui Nico Amortegui is the extraordinary genius who has been infused in creativity from early beginnings. Born in Bogota, Colombia; he grew […]
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The Queen of the South

February 3, 2023 German Rojas 0
“The Queen of the South” Conversation with Elisheba Israel Mrozik By Jay Sanchez Dec 1st, 2022 Throughout history we’ve been taught about the great Queens […]