Color Meditations – A Reliquary

By Sue Fox



Sue Fox, Aurulent, 2017, 11”x14”x2”, acrylic and collage on board. Photo courtesy of Brooke Holder.


Times are tough. Everything seems difficult and downright frustrating…politics, the environment, social media, traffic. The constant push to go faster, smarter, and more efficient is taking me to a tipping point. I make art to escape the hard, to embrace a moment with the simplicity and complexity of color, and to understand that this everyday contrivance is powerful; both loud and quiet; expansive and contracting.


This is enough, enough for now.


My works are created in a meditative state and the finished products are relics, byproducts of this reflection. The imagery stands second to the process. During art making I focus on the present moment; I try not to anticipate or plan my piece whatsoever. I slowly choose each snip of paper one by one, shaping them to fit like a puzzle. I let the color samples at hand dictate color and movement changes, and I let them decide how to revel in their own color and light.


This ritual, this process soothes me. It may not save my soul, but it may save a moment.


Sue Fox is a mixed media artist from Chicago living in Chattanooga.