Feature: Two Poems by Kristina Naso; Eight Drawings by Mo Costello

Curated by CC Calloway



Mo Costello, Untitled (Athens), 2021
Carbon drawing on found object




Mo Costello, Untitled (Front), 2020
Charcoal on Paper












Kristina Naso




the dogs come running
but we’re lucky
we’re wearing jackets strong enough 
their teeth don’t sink into the skin of our arms
something reveals itself to me then
like a bud blossoming
then I hear its growl
like a car rattling from the music on max
it’s soft like the underbelly of a cow
pink like my palms in february
—“their teeth are like children’s.”
and the dogs look at me
the something in my hands rolls over
and it looks like taffy
rises like bread
the dogs chatter their teeth like children on sugar
and I wake up, holding my aching stomach.








Mo Costello, Untitled (Back), 2020
Charcoal on Paper




Mo Costello, Untitled (Krystal), 2021
Charcoal and Ink on Paper




Mo Costello, Untitled, 2020
Charcoal on Paper










Kristina Naso




I can’t even trust my own sheets anymore
I wake up in a sweat or tangle of my own hair
cheek being chewed for the last few hours
what is the secret to living the longest?
is it praying every morning and every night?
I’d like to think my body would do its best to protect itself
I was in an empty court room
sitting on the bleachers or pews or whatever they’re called
and suddenly a plague doctor becomes the judge
and he comes towards me and tries to shake my hand and when I don’t reach for it he just waves and goes back to the front of the room
cracking the gavel a few times
he speaks too low I can’t hear him and suddenly a troop of monkeys come barreling in with their hoo oo ah ah ah and they all surround me 
Be monkey! Be monkey!
Go back to monkey or we shoot you and you die
suddenly I’m a monkey and I look at my hands covered in hair 
the plague doctor judge is a monkey too now
they ask me to be a witness and I say nothing
dumb monkey
I wake up again in sweats and my jaw hurts 
I can’t help believing that I’m dying every time I get a headache 
or dizzy
or winded going up the stairs
if I die you can promise I will haunt you
my mantra being I told you so I told you so I told you so
I told you so
so ingrained you’ll hear it in the floors you walk on








Mo Costello, Untitled, 2020
Charcoal, Chalk and Clay on Paper




Mo Costello, Untitled, 2020
Charcoal on Paper




Mo Costello, Absalom, 2020
Charcoal on Paper








Kristina Naso is a multimedia artist and poet from Lilburn, Georgia who earned a BFA in photography at the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing an MFA in photography at Pratt Institute. Kristina is currently based in New York City. https://kristinanaso.com/



Mo Costello is an artist based in Athens, Georgia. http://mocostello.com/