Guest Editor: Erica Ciccarone

Guest Editor Erica Ciccarone


Erica Ciccarone publishes personal essays, news, reviews of all sorts, and art criticism in publications such as Nashville Scene, BURNAWAY, Nashville Arts Magazine, and Temporary Art Review. She also contributes features to Nashville Public Radio and won an Associated Press award for Best Writing of a feature-length story in 2016. She holds an M.F.A. from The New School in Creative Writing and is at work on her first novel. In addition to writing, she teaches with A Novel Idea Nashville. She is most interested in art made around issues of social change, identity, and intersectionality.
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About editing Number, she says: “I most enjoyed seeking out and discovering writers who were making work that mattered to them. Writing often feels like a solitary vocation, and similarly, arts communities in the Southeast and even within Tennessee often feel quite far away. Collaborating with other writers and artists in the region was quite rewarding. My advice to future guest editors is to seek out others in the region doing work that compels you–writers and artists alike–and make connections. The theme Arts at Intersections was born of my own preoccupations with my relationship with the arts as someone with quite a bit of privilege due to my race, education, and economic class. The theme had legs, and though the work isn’t entirely what I expected, it grew and developed based on the interests, experiences, and goals of the writers and artists therein, and for that, I think it is quite successful.”