Here in Jacksonville by Sydney Whitten

We’ve been here in Jacksonville, Fl for a little over three weeks. We packed and planned for one.

The virus is spreading, keeping us mostly inside. There’s six of us in the pretty house, on the pretty corner with the fence and two bikes.

I’m here with a new family.


It doesn’t rain much. I spend the mornings outside at the table. The pollen finds its way onto the pages, into my water and tea.

The light in the afternoon shows itself differently. It brightens the walls and doorways and corners. His mom made us a schedule of dinners

and chores that hangs on the fridge. We take turns cooking, unloading the dishes and wiping the counters. We eat at the table together. Each

night we settle into the same chairs.


I’m allergic to the dog. The beaches are all closed now. There’s a lot of new patterns.


The thing is making a lot of people sick. My parents are far from Florida. The gas stations and highways don’t feel safe. I’ll be here for a while longer with the bikes and the chore chart.


I am grateful to get to capture these circumstances that are so unexpected.


-Sydney Whitten Jacksonville,FL April 2020