Interview with Art-Ed Hero Jennifer Lamb

Jennifer Lamb 
Students with hand made paintbrushes   
Annual Lambdes awards!



Where do you teach and what grades do you teach? 


Spring Hill High School in Maury Co. TN – Art 1,2,Pre-AP studio, AP Studio, and AP photography



How long have you been teaching art?


19 years



What is your favorite time of the school day and why?


When my students are comfortable enough to act like themselves.



Is there always a class period regardless of the year and the group of kids that feels similar? For instance, my last class of the day is interesting because they are also my last class of the week and that period always has its own special feel?


1st period is always my most structured, 8th-period students are the silliest.  AP classes are always the classes were I fell the most comfortable and students fell the most relaxed.



What is your favorite lesson or concept to teach?





What has you underwater right now?


All of the stuff on my desk. lol



What is saving your life in the classroom right now?


My students.  They are so good to me



What is your favorite memory(or memory you cherish) of seeing a student you taught whose older now and no longer in your school?


There are a lot of students that during their senior year you can tell are silently scared to go into the “real world.”  This one student gave me a card right before he graduated. It was a thank you card with more writing than I have ever seen him write.  The main gist was that he wanted to make me proud and would go into a trade and make something of himself. He told me that the next time he saw me he would have a steady job. Two years later I saw him and sure enough, he is an electrician and working hard. The look on his face when he was telling me how things were going was amazing.  I was proud of him in school just as much as I am now. Great kid, awesome adult.



Who is your favorite artist to teach kids about?


I don’t have a particular artist, however, I do have a lesson where I teach all of the different styles of art, how some of that art sells for unimaginative amounts of money and why it does. Great lesson and entertaining to watch the kids react.



What does your studio practice outside of the classroom look like and how does it make its way into your classroom?


My dining room table.  Lol



What’s your least favorite thing you get asked to do by your colleagues?


Can I have a couple of bottles of paint?



Do you let people borrow your glue guns(or art supplies)?


Glue guns yes, paint no!



If you had the stage in front of administrators and art policy-makers, what would you want to say about why art education is essential?


Art education helps to create a well-rounded individual.  In all levels of creativity those that practice art show higher levels of expression, communication, and understanding.  Students have a way to convey their feelings and express ideas while incorporating their knowledge of societal issues, science, mathematics, history, and literature into cohesive pieces.



What would you tell a 19-year-old who is thinking about becoming an artist or art educator?


Art educator – Make sure your love and passion for art is true. If you must force that love, the profession is not for you.  Students can pick up quickly if your passion for art education waivers and will take the love you do have away. If the passion is true you will love going to work and excited to show them new things.



Who was your art-ed hero growing up?


Jill Pack – my graphic design teacher in High School