Little Happy Teeth Around the World – A Comic Travelogue

Morocco page 81

By Rylan Thompson


Almost nine years ago, my wife Susan and I were married and set off on a six-month honeymoon around the world. Funded mostly by our wedding attendees, we departed Chicago and visited Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, U.A.E., Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I decided to document it all in comic form, drawn in one leather bound Moleskine sketchbook. Half of it was drawn while traveling, and the rest has slowly developed in subsequent years. While I anticipated finishing the project much sooner, it has been a joy to relive our trip while poring over photo reference material and journal entries. It is the most important relic I own.



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Morocco page 81


Rylan Thompson is a visual artist living in Chattanooga. Originally from the Chicago area, he got his BFA from Northern Illinois University. He has exhibited his work in Illinois, New York, Oregon and Tennessee.