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/ôr’ganik/ featuring Jeni Stallings
Mar 6 – Mar 30 all-day
/ôr'ganik/ featuring Jeni Stallings @ L Ross Gallery

Jeni Stallings
solo exhibition
March 6 – 30

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 8th 6 – 8 pm

Artist Talk:
Saturday, March 9th, 11 am

“In constant wonderment of creation on all levels, I am a witness of the macro vs microcosm connecting everything that is. Within this unifying theory, I see sacred geometry and circles of infinite possibility. /ôrˈganik/ is a collection exploring the concept of inner and outer worlds. It is my belief that as we are each unique, we are much more than individual. I believe we are constant patterns echoing throughout nature. To see ourselves as separate from our environment is false and destructive. On the other hand, in observing and appreciating nature, we experience balance and healing. Inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto, John Muir, and Carl Jung, Alan Watt, as well as the powerful art of the Women’s Surrealist movement of the early 20th century, I pause daily to paint and archive the energies within myself while equally standing in appreciation of the collective blossoming around me. It is my hope to raise awareness to the beauty of our natural world.”

– Jeni Stallings