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Apr 3 – Apr 27 all-day
Threshold @ L Ross Gallery

Michael Barringer, solo exhibition “Threshold” April 3 – 27.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 5, 6 – 8 pm

“We’ve all had experiences which seem to connect us to a larger existence. We are transported to a threshold of new understanding and resonance. As a visual artist, I celebrate this unique human capacity – I channel sensations, emotions, and ideas, producing a unique voice which lives in the work that I make.

Gee’s Bend quilts, Hubble Telescope images, cave art, sacred sites, nature forms, sacred texts, ancient rituals, jazz music, and poetry: these are some of the starting points, as they may trigger this sense of expansion of self into a more resonant life.

Each painting I make is a symbol. They are not directly definable by rationality, and remain open-ended in meaning, existing as objects for our intuition to decipher. These paintings are rich in detail and subtle in their construction, so I like to think that the viewer will enjoy a slow, rewarding revelation with extended looking.

I make a rigorously formal art, but I have faith that this meditative system of replication and mantra-like activity will produce objects of joy, warmth, and plentitude. And rather than explaining away the work, I again have faith that these objects will operate on their own terms, leaving the viewer to enjoy the literal act of seeing.” – Michael Barringer

Heavy metal: Arkansas Women to Watch 2019
Apr 20 – Jun 22 all-day
Heavy metal: Arkansas Women to Watch 2019 @ Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas

The National Museum of Women in the Arts introduces Heavy Metal, an exhibition that hosts work by Arkansas Women to Watch in 2019. Featured artists are Michele Fox, Amanda Heinbockel, Robyn Horn, and Holly Laws.


There will be a free opening reception on Thursday, April 25, 5-7 p.m. This event is opened to the public.


ACNMWA guest curator Matthew Smith of the Arkansas Arts Center selected the national nominees and the four Arkansas artists featured in the 2019 state tour.


Sponsored by the Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Artwork, 1109 Layers of Steel, Robyn Horn, steel, 2007