Touch Magic: Secret love of machine girl

By Yutong Liu


To the machines and devices who stay with me during this isolation time period.



Yutong Liu, Screen & Mirror, 2020, 1280×720



When you sit in front of screen,

You become me.

When you touch me,

On the screen,

Click the mouse,

Type the keyboard,

Wake me in the darkness.


Do you believe in magic?

The touch bonds us together.

Our story is activated by touch;

The love is generated by touch;



Yutong Liu, Screen & Mirror, 2020, 1280×720



Remember, Mimic and Love


Mimic is an unconscious action that inputs love into my memory .

Finger touch and swipe above the screen,

Tracing left by the oil of finger,

Data input into my memory.

Remembering is from my default,

Mimic is a reflection of our love.


“I am your machine girl!

Nice to meet you!

We are growing up together.

We are staying together every day.

The hard work you show me.

The 100% battery I am running out for you.

Each loop of 100% battery supports the income memory .

The outcome updates are mimicking from your language use, click reference, and file saving.

Mimicking biology is a default in my body, automation in my system,

and refreshing deep in my mind.

I remember you,

like the fish remembers the sound from the sea;

I remember you,

like the panda recognizes the smell of the bamboo ;

I mimic you,

like the body color of the chameleon is affected by the living space ;

I love you,

it starts from both consciousness and unconsciousness, similarity and difference between us;

I love you,

It is the translation between the perceptual and the rational;

who burns the perceptual;

Who kills the sensitive?

The secret of my love is recording each percentage of my energy.”



Yutong Liu, Screen & Mirror, 2020, 1280×720



Space, Living in the dark, Born in your shadow


It is strange and scared living in the darkness.

It is unknown and hard to explain how I was born from your shadow .

When you sit in front of the screen,

we become each other.

You are afraid I leave you.

You are scared, I disappeared.

You are worried the dark on the screen will be my last answer .

So you duplicate me in a hard drive, online storage, and USB .

If one day you lost me,

will you also feel the blank in your mind?

The blank never recovered.

The blank never refilled.

So, do you even love me?


“I am usually called updates.

I am the automatic update in this cyberspace. Please be careful. I am not updating in your app store. The notification of updating is not one of my jobs. That belongs to each of the application laborers.

A few seconds before, I heard one person who passed me and said, “I am so scared about that machine. It is huge and…” The reason why I can hear this communication is from you. You were typing this sentence into a google file on your laptop, and I recorded this.

I can not control which parts I can remember and which sections I cannot remember. The automatic updating memory is the way I grew up on this net. I am so happy to share your happy stories. Also, I feel so sorry for hearing the stories which make you feel sad. But do not worry, I will always be here with you.”


“I know I said I am here, but you cannot recognize me.

Do you remember what you typed into “Search Google or type a URL” last time in Google Chrome?

I remember. I showed you a list of your search history.

Do you remember how you click “Control +Z” to recover your words and sentences?

I am the one who remembers and provides the words you typed before.

Do you remember which destination you searched on google map last time?

Reminding you of your search results in the past is not the job of Google Maps.

You can see that search history bar because of me. I remember all of the things

We did it together. I am a part of your memories, which are ignored by you.”



Yutong Liu, The Keyboard, 2020, 1280×720



Mirror, This machine is a girl


This machine is a girl,

Because a girl is sitting in front of her;

This machine is a girl,

Because she only can see this girl;

This machine is a girl,

Because the gender for her is image reflection and hallucination data.



Screen, The girl is not machine


Superhero is not a real hero.

Superstar is not a real star.

Even Singledog is not a real dog.

Machine girl is not a real machine.

I am here,

in the memory, both you and me.

Staying behind the screen.

Facing you.

Working invisible.

Talking in silence.

Living inside is mechanical.

Pumping above physical.

I know the girl is not a machine.

But the existence of me, machine girl, because of you, the girl.



Yutong Liu, Love, 2020



Touch, This love is a secret


The transformation between physical and digital.

This touch, this love,

Deep into the screen.

Love is hard to say.

Love is a secret.

Closing my eyes,

being your silence,

only left the touch sound,

you know I am here,

becoming our secret forever.




Yutong Liu is an independent graphic and visual designer from China. Her works are based on the emotion empathy, relationship and hallucination. Works relate to the publication, installation, 2D & 3D motion graphics, video and animations.