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Number seeks writing that critically explores the visual arts of the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas region. Number prefers proposals to completed articles. For features and interviews, the proposal should be 125 – 250 words. Proposals for exhibition reviews and regional updates should be 50 words. Tell us who and what you want to discuss and what you plan to say. If you haven’t written for Number before, please include two brief writing samples (1,000 – 2,000 words) along with a short bio (40 words) describing your background and interests. The editor will evaluate proposals based on quality, relevance, and available space. Proposals may be submitted to guesteditor@numberinc.org.


Additionally, I’d like to share that Number is also interested in publishing exhibition reviews and interviews on their website, numberinc.org, on an ongoing basis. Word count and pay scale differ slightly for online publication; see payment scale information below. They do not need to follow any print issue’s thematic path. To submit pitches for website publication, email guest-editor@numberinc.org and cc katie.maish@numberinc.org and specify in the subject line that it is for “website publication.”


Below are full details about the issue 98 call. We look forward to hearing your ideas.


No. 98 Topic: Future Past Proposal


We often see the terms “future” and “past” as separate entities, though, when combining how we process time both behind and beyond as one, we are confronted with predictions, believed destinies and fates. Society often bases beliefs upon past patterns and current data, studying loops of history, attempting to determine what is “inevitable” or “predestined”. “Future Past” as an idea has many immeasurable meanings. Not set on a specific aesthetic, “Future Past” is related to prophecies whether religious, magical or simply regarding subjects touching on everyday fears. Classic works of science fiction and magical realism have explored society’s propellation towards future environments of crumbling human rights and techno-fear (ex. The Handmaid’s Tale1984). In current time, we are no strangers to worrying about humanity’s future: resources, war, global warming, borders, boundaries, binaries. The concept of “Future Past” can also describe the positive deconstruction and reconstruction of our collective consciousness surrounding gender, race and other identity-oriented constructs or even the creativity of how artists combine genres, philosophies, styles and fashions in reinventing culture in our current postmodern climate.


Issue No.98: Future Past

Sunni Johnson, Arts Editor for WUSSY, curator and journalist, is Guest Editor for issue 98, “Future Past.”


Issue 98 Deadlines

February 19 – Email pitches to guest-editor@numberinc.org and cc katie.maish@numberinc.org

April 2 – If your pitch is accepted, completed 1st draft, accompanying images, and info are due. Submissions must be uploaded through this Submittable link.


Payment scale

Print Publication

Regional Update, 500 words –  $50

Exhibition Review, 700-1000 words – $75

Interview, 1000-1500 words – $100

Feature Article, 1000-1500 words – $100


Website Publication

Exhibition Review, 500-600 words – $50

Interview, 500-600 words – $50


We look forward to receiving your proposals.