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Write for Number:


Number seeks writing that critically explores the visual arts of the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas region. Number prefers proposals to completed articles. For features and interviews, the proposal should be 125 – 250 words. Proposals for exhibition reviews and regional updates should be 50 words. Tell us who and what you want to discuss and what you plan to say. If you haven’t written for Number before, please include two brief writing samples (1,000 – 2,000 words) along with a short bio (40 words) describing your background and interests. The editor will evaluate proposals based on quality, relevance, and available space. Proposals may be submitted to guesteditor@numberinc.org.


Number will not consider contributions regarding: the artwork of someone with whom the writer has a personal relationship; the work of an artist, gallery, or institution with whom the writer has a financial relationship or internship; any gallery that represents the writer’s work. We also will not consider submissions by a writer whom the gallery or artist has paid or commissioned to write the article in question, or a submission by a writer who collects the work of the artist in question.


We reserve the right to terminate acceptance of your article without compensation if we discover you have misrepresented yourself or if the final form of the article diverges markedly from the agreed upon topic, format, or deadline.


Accepted submissions will be considered for print and online publication. At this time writers will only be paid for work published in the print editions of Number.


Proposal Deadline


June 24th for pitching. If your pitch is accepted, completed text, accompanying images, and info are due by July 13th, submitted through the Submittable link on Number’s website.

Issue: No.95/ Seeing Red
Guest Editor: Sarah Higgins, Curator of the Zuckerman Museum of Art

Pitch us your ideas at:  guest-editor@numberinc.org
and cc mikecalway-fagen@numberinc.org

More details: numberinc.org/write.




Feature Articles

  • 1000-1500 words
  • Addresses theme of the issue
  • Includes 2-3 digital images to support writing



  • 1000-1500 words
  • Provided in interview format that includes the question
  • 5-10 digital images


Reviews of Regional Exhibitions

  • 700-1000 words
  • Critical and/or interpretive discussion of works presented
  • Include: Title of exhibition, name of artist, location, and dates of exhibition at top of page
  • 3-5 high resolution digital images from the exhibition or artists work
  • Regional artists showing in the area
  • Exhibitions and installations at regional museums, galleries, arts organizations
  • Exhibitions by regional artists outside of the region


Regional Updates

  • 500 words
  • Provides a look at what is happening with the visual arts in your area.
  • 2-3 high resolution digital images to support writing


Arts Issues, Advocacy, and Education

  • 700-1000 words
  • Preference is given to articles focusing on the TN, AR, MS region.
  • Provide information on current issues impacting the arts and arts organizations
  • Advocate for artists, arts organizations, and/or benefits of art to communities
  • Cover art educational topics or activities


Payment scale for print and web:

Regional Update (500 words)— $50
Review (700-1000 words)—$75
Interview (1000-1500 words)—$100
Feature Article (1000-1500 words)—$100


Thank you and we look forward to receiving your proposals.