Young Art Writers Project – A Photo Essay by Atticus Armstrong

Published May 1st 2024
By Atticus Armstrong

One of the reasons I love skate photography is because it is an awesome way to capture a moment in my life, giving me something that I can always look back on. It also gives me a rush and it puts pressure on me to get the timing just right, but I love the rush because when I get it just right it is the most satisfying amazing feeling ever. It makes it even more exciting when the skater is super stoked about the photo too. It makes me feel so satisfied and proud of myself and the skater. Those are some of the reasons I love skate photography. Here are some photos I took of skaters in my scene in the past year.

This is a picture of Cmod doing a frontside air at sixth avenue skate park. The inspiration behind this photo was a picture that Glen E. Friedman took of Steve Alba in 1978. One thing I like about this photo is that it is grainier than any of the photos I have taken. The photo is also timed perfectly, where the subject is in the middle of the frame. I am very proud of this picture.

This is a picture of Joey doing a manual on the curb at Cecil’s skate shop. The reason I like this picture so much is not even because of the trick that he’s doing. I like it because he looks like he’s in sync with the movement in the background.

This is a picture of Elijah doing a Willie down the four stair at Ugly Mugs. The reason I like this picture is because I like how his arms are positioned and how boned out the Ollie is. I also like how well lit up he is.

This is a photo of Joey and Izzy ollieing out of the quarter pipe at Cecil’s skate shop. The reason I love this photo so much is because the lighting and how saturated it is just makes it so pretty, and they are also riding the same board with the same wheels and same trucks, so they look like mirror versions of each other.

All pictures by Atticus Armstrong and taken on a Nikon p530 digital camera.

Photo of Atticus by Harrison Brougham, a skater, skate brand owner, and photographer from Nashville, TN

Atticus Armstrong is a photographer, videographer, and skater from Nashville Tennessee

Joey is a skater, manager of Cecil’s skate shop, and skate filmmaker from Nashville, TN

Elijah is a skater and musician from Nashville, TN

Cmod is a sponsored skater and guitar player from Nashville, TN

Izzy is a skater from Nashville, TN

Atticus Armstrong is a photographer, videographer and skater from Nashville, TN