Editorial 103

September 1, 2020 Katie Maish 0
  Glancing through an art history textbook, it is noticeable that important moments in art came out of important moments in history. Those moments challenged […]

Editorial 101

March 19, 2020 Katie Maish 0
    Let’s face it: making art has its own set of challenges, but getting your work out there, looked at, reviewed, funded, exhibited, marketed, […]

Editorial: Issue 99

September 10, 2019 Katie Maish 0
By Chase Westfall   If popular portrayals of magic have taught us anything, it’s this: to the inexperienced conjurer – beware! The forces you summon […]

Editorial: Issue 97

March 31, 2019 Number Inc. 0
By Kris Bespalec-Davis   Objects and images, preserved in archives, or immaterial and memorialized in the annals of memory: these are Relics.   They are […]